The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

The movie was recommended to me sister Rebecca, I think?
It is most suited for...lovers of fairy-tales (of which I am one).
Reading it made me want to...write. Learn foreign languages. Move to new places...and of course, marry a handsome prince who's madly in love with the way I think. Of course.
I was pleasantly surprised...that in spite of the happy-ending, some things did go wrong for the heroine, permanently. As you may gather from previous posts, I always love the addition of bitterness to something sweet.
One lesson learned: It is possible to make a good story by fleshing out the details of a tale that already exists.
My recommendation: A good book when you're in the mood for a pleasant "escape."

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Rebecca said...

I'm confused, did you read the book or see the movie? Anyway, I think Jill recommended this book. I haven't read it, but Katelyn has, and she loved it. :)