Sunshine Cleaning

First of all: I liked it.
So it was a little on the dramatic side (eh)...but it was also a little on the quirky side (which i like)...and the actors make it work. Great acting, really.

Second of all: there were several undeveloped side stories.
Which leaves me with kind of this pleasant dissatisfaction. Especially considering that the main story itself wasn't overwhelmingly to my liking. Better to leave the rest of the stories to my imagination.

Third of all, Winston was definitely my favorite character.

(500) Days of Summer

TOTALLY my kind of movie. Plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a babe. Just sayin.

Anyway, the story provides a very interesting perspective of love and happiness. In beautiful indie style. I like.


Incredible special effects and thought-provoking movie! I really enjoyed it. Although it may seem that the bad guys are excessively one-sided, the conflict is a true one. It really hit home with me and I wept thinking about actual historical events that paralleled those in the film. For that reason, it may not be the most original plotline, but one well-worth the repetition.

Another movie I'd probably acquire for my own collection. Definitely recommend it.

The Princess and the Frog didn't really like it.

It kind of reminded me of Anastasia. You know - creepy villain into black magic, headstrong heroine with big dreams, charming loser hero.

Will I ever enjoy animated films again? Perhaps if/when I have kids.