Settebello (in Salt Lake City)

Caprese Salad? Awesome.
Margherita Pizza? Awesome.
Gelato for Dessert? Awesome.
Good walk, good swim, good conversation, good friend...awesome.

17 Again

I liked it, I did. A little goofy and predictable, of course, but...well...I laughed and I enjoyed myself.

PLUS, I heard songs by Spoon and the Kooks - cool!

The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

So....the book is better.

I'm guessing that this movie does a good job at keeping most kids entertained, but it just made this kid sleepy. And I think it was different from the book, because the book was quite good (elementary, yet also appealing to adult audiences), but I can't really remember how. Hmmmm.

Marley & Me

Let me just say that if you go into this movie expecting Where the Red Fern Grows, you will be relieved.

Meanwhile, it's you know, cute, and a surprisingly good plug for the traditional family.

I still don't want a dog.