Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

This book is an easy, good-enough read. However. This is the second time I've read this author, and both times I've had this sense that his stories have a lot of potential but feel underdeveloped, underwhelming.

I mean, the words are well-written. The story is interesting. But somewhere in between...something is missing. Like emotion. The characters feel distant, and frequently I am confused by their words/actions (which don't seem consistent with his earlier "caricaturizations").

The Informant

I quite enjoyed this movie. A bit of suspense, and lots of mystery. There's quite a bit of voiced-over narration, which is sometimes confusing, but I still liked it.

P.S. It's incredible how with just a little weight and a mustache Matt Damon is significantly less attractive. Wow.

Sherlock Holmes

I enjoyed the cinematography, and a few laughs. I couldn't always understand the dialogue (with the British accents), and Holmes isn't the most endearing character,'s still entertaining.