On a Clear Day (2005)

What does a man do
when he finds himself drowning
in the pain? He swims.

Oh the pain - this movie is brimming with it. But with healing and redemption too...so it's totally worth it!

"Easy Hummus" from allrecipes.com

Middle-Eastern dish
is led to an uncouth end
by southwestern spice.

I won't try this recipe again. True, I didn't follow it exactly the first time (I used canned jalapenos and garlic powder instead of their fresh counterparts)...but I still think it wasn't smooth or salty enough.

Next time, I'll try a recipe that calls for tahini and olive oil and I'll add cayenne pepper for spice.

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Young girl longs to live;
she is loved and loves others
and chooses to die.

An easy, enjoyable read. Superficially juvenile, yet truly thought-provoking.

DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE THOUGH -- it's superficially thought-provoking, yet truly rubbish. Not at all faithful to the book.

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Without a how-to
she influences people
and also, wins friends.

I recommend it. Plus, it's a Newberry Award Winner. So "THEY" recommend it too.