Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey

I fell in love with this book. It was poetic. It was heart-breaking. It was so, so thought-provoking. It was at times graphic, more than I would wish (I won't be seeing the movie), and yet to me it didn't seem overly salacious -- more matter-of-fact.

The story provides an intriguing treatment of sin. Fascinating. I particularly enjoyed how the writer tells the story, presenting several viewpoints, and then leaves the reader to decide what to make of it.

I have not decided what to make of it, yet. But I was moved.

"Fortune Cookies So Easy" from allrecipes.com

I found two fortune cookie recipes that listed pretty much the same ingredients and had similar ratings. I chose to try this one because it was already scaled to a more reasonable number -- yield of 36 cookies instead of 6.

After trying it out, I'm a little confused by the name. Because I'm not sure what the "easy" part is referring to.

The first batch was too thin and wouldn't come off the parchment paper (don't use parchment paper). Second batch also reluctant to leave the baking sheet (even though it was very well-greased). Next batch was thicker, a bit more successful. Fourth batch didn't let get golden around the edges, MUCH more willing to be spatula'd. Last batch added flour, didn't let get golden, tasted delicious but not at all crispy.

The cookies were delicious, but the recipe was not easy. NOR did it yield 36 servings (each batch was made up of like three cookies).

Next time I will just make dessert crepes and skip the fortune.

The Accidental Tourist (1988)

The movie was recommended to me by...the back cover, and the merit of earning the oscar for Best Picture.
It is most suited for...mature audiences (It's rated PG, but is adult-themed. I just need to add that disclaimer since I understand my standards may be more liberal than yours, or at least than you might expect.)
Watching it made me want to...look deeper into people.
I was pleasantly surprised...by the turkey scene! I LOVE IT!!!
One lesson learned: Nothing comes to mind.
My recommendation: I enjoyed the film and the thinking I did while watching it. If you are interested by the changing dynamics of the traditional family during the last few decades, you might find this movie thought-provoking. Just know that you might not agree with the decisions made by the protagonist. Which could be a turn off to some.

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

The movie was recommended to me by...my sister Rebecca, I think?
It is most suited for...lovers of fairy-tales (of which I am one).
Reading it made me want to...write. Learn foreign languages. Move to new places...and of course, marry a handsome prince who's madly in love with the way I think. Of course.
I was pleasantly surprised...that in spite of the happy-ending, some things did go wrong for the heroine, permanently. As you may gather from previous posts, I always love the addition of bitterness to something sweet.
One lesson learned: It is possible to make a good story by fleshing out the details of a tale that already exists.
My recommendation: A good book when you're in the mood for a pleasant "escape."

A Patch of Blue (1965)

The movie was recommended to me by...Aunt Janice.
It is most suited for...mature audiences who aren't looking for something fast-paced or light-hearted.
Watching it made me want to...think, think, think. To identify all the metaphors to better understand the story. To analyze the relationships portrayed. To know to what degree the actions and reactions reflect reality.
I was pleasantly surprised...by the pineapple juice scene (the second time it's offered to Selina)...by another scene in which Selina remembers Gordon's words...by the ending...
One lesson learned: People that lived forty years ago feel the same things people feel today (this is a lesson I am continually learning).
My recommendation: if you like movies that make you think and analyze all the details...I recommend it! I'm a fan.

Annie Hall (1977)

The movie was recommended to me by...the back cover, and the merit of being Best Picture of 1977.
It is most suited for...nobody I know.
Watching it made me want to...turn it off as soon as possible.
I was pleasantly surprised...by how much better I felt when I turned it off (definitely didn't even make it half way).
One lesson learned: Woody Allen really is sex-obsessed.
My recommendation: DON'T EVEN GO THERE.

In America (2002)

The movie was recommended to me by...a reviewer on TV, some years ago.
It is most suited for...audiences over the age of 13 (there's definitely one scene that some might want to skip).
Watching it made me want to...be kind and a good friend. Mourn with those that mourn.
I was pleasantly surprised...by the seriousness of the themes addressed.
One lesson learned: Children have an amazing capacity to love and lift the adults in their life.
My recommendation: Don't watch it while exercising. I was crying so hard I could hardly breathe, which is kind of a problem when you're riding the stationary bike.

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

The book was recommended to me by...a girl in my German class. She is a doctoral student of English Literature.
It is most suited for...females.
Reading it made me want to...write more. Go to England (grin). Be real. Dye my clothes green.
I was pleasantly surprised...by its bittersweetness. By its feeling of authenticity. By its cleverness and intelligence and insight. That it seemed so contemporary (considering it was published in 1948).
Lessons learned: In spite of good intentions, life can be messy.
My recommendation: READ IT!!!