"Fortune Cookies So Easy" from allrecipes.com

I found two fortune cookie recipes that listed pretty much the same ingredients and had similar ratings. I chose to try this one because it was already scaled to a more reasonable number -- yield of 36 cookies instead of 6.

After trying it out, I'm a little confused by the name. Because I'm not sure what the "easy" part is referring to.

The first batch was too thin and wouldn't come off the parchment paper (don't use parchment paper). Second batch also reluctant to leave the baking sheet (even though it was very well-greased). Next batch was thicker, a bit more successful. Fourth batch didn't let get golden around the edges, MUCH more willing to be spatula'd. Last batch added flour, didn't let get golden, tasted delicious but not at all crispy.

The cookies were delicious, but the recipe was not easy. NOR did it yield 36 servings (each batch was made up of like three cookies).

Next time I will just make dessert crepes and skip the fortune.


Kara said...

Here's a tip you may not know. Fortune cookies are readily available for a small fee at local grocery stores. You don't even need a specialty grocery store. A regular one will have them.

simplysarah said...