Saint Ralph

So, this one surprised me a bit. I thought it was going to be about a boy wanting to win a race so his mom could wake up from her coma. It was more about the boy's struggles with, um, sexual energy I guess? And how he turned to running to cope with that, and with the world being against him, as well as with his mom dying.

If the story had been true, like I thought it was the whole time, it would have been more moving. It did keep my interest (again, in part because I thought it was based on reality! and in part because I love movies about endurance athletes), and it did fuel my desire to run. But...the plot/scripting was definitely B-movie quality, and a little bit hokey at times, and so...I guess I don't recommend it. Chariots of Fire is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better. Also, On a Clear Day, of course!

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faith said...

love chariots of fire! will definitely stay away from saint ralph. never heard of it, so it shouldn't be too hard. :)