Joy Luck Club

How did I miss this one? Especially when I'd read and enjoyed the book as a teen?

Oh yeah, because it was rated R. What do I think of the rating now? Well, on the movie case itself, it attributes the rating to "thematic elements" or something vague like that. And while this movie is heart-breakingly beautiful and not vulgar at all, I do agree that it would be best appreciated by mature audiences. A baby is killed. It is tragic and disturbing (though not gory).

Anyway, I love the film. How could I NOT relate to the story of eight+ women struggling to be good and strong in the face of their individual insecurities? Must read the book again. I think I would appreciate it much more as an adult.


AmyE said...

I have noticed a few rated R movies on here. Out of curiosity, when and why did you start watching them? I think I remember enjoying the book in high school as well.

simplysarah said...

Thanks for your curiosity! Answers forth-coming. :)