Before Sunset

WOW. This movie is ME. It was sooooooooo much better than I expected. It was one long, philosophical conversation. Colored by emotion, especially that friend we all know - "What if?". Witty, charming, and MUCH better crafted than any real life conversation (of course). So I loved it. Now I am curious if the predecessor would be worth watching. Or if these films are based on books? Cuz there's some good, meaty thought going on.

There's this part of me that wonders why I post reviews of movies that most (if not all) of those of you who read this blog won't want to see. Maybe in the chance that there's an edited version available someday? But really, I'm not trying to convince anyone to watch what I've watched. It's just...this IS me, these ARE the things I think about...and I like to be able to talk about them? Hmmm. For what it's worth! :)

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danna said...

just letting you know that i love reading both of your blogs! i am also surprised at how similar our movie tastes are after reading this one. if i haven't seen ones you post about i generally check them out. i'm mostly surprised that i'm not the only person who watches obscure, unheard of films.