Eat Drink Man Woman

In a funny way, this movie felt like home. It's Taiwanese, of course.

My mouth watered and my heart ached. I laughed, and I hmmmm'd, and I was half-distracted wondering throughout why that land/culture is so close to my heart.

I'm not sure whether or not to recommend this movie to anyone else, because I feel like my own opinion and viewing-experience was so clouded by nostalgia! But apparently, it was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1994, if that means anything to you.

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Jill said...

Hi Sarah,

Just getting some of your recommendations since I'm in the mood for some good, NOT your-run-of-the-mill-Hollywood, movies.

We watched a good one last night. "Flash of Genius". I love movies based on real life. Not all happy, but very interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking, etc.