Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)

I'd call this an amoral film attempting to teach a "moral."

I didn't agree with some decisions made by the main character or the rest of the cast, but I could relate to her being surprised at herself making those decisions. And, like her, things have often worked out in my life in spite of mistakes I've made.

Speaking of relating, I'm sure my I've-had-my-fill-of-pretty-shiny-things-and-now-I'm-looking-for-someone-of-character Mr. Right is also just around the corner... ;)

Anyway, the movie portrayed promiscuity as something very laughable and insignificant and I'm almost surprised in retrospect that I didn't find it more offensive. Perhaps it's because I'm desensitized. Or perhaps it's because the production had a very melodramatic, stage-like feel (did I mention Amy Adams?) and I didn't take it seriously. It kept my interest....but...yeah...I probably won't be watching it again.

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faith said...

it's definitely not one i'll watch again. not sorry i saw it the first time (maybe i should be? probably desensitized), but definitely nothing spectacular.
i haven't said it before, but i like this blog, sarah. :) i'm curious if you have any good suggestions for romantic comedies. there seems to be a real lack of good ones since...music and lyrics maybe?