La Puente (Mexican Restaurant in Bountiful, Utah)

So, I have actually eaten at this restaurant three times in the last month. This is what I have eaten and my respective responses:

1. Chips and salsa, enchilada, pork tamale, Spanish rice and refried beans
RESPONSE: I love tamales. This enchilada is not what I was expecting. These beans are amazing. I can't finish all this food.

2. Chips and salsa, pork tamale, double portion of refried beans
RESPONSE: This tamale is not what I was expecting. I will never order a tamale here again. These beans are amazing. I can't believe I ate them all.

3. Chips and salsa, side of refried beans, piece of flan.
RESPONSE: These beans are AMAZING!!! AND THIS FLAN IS THE BEST I'VE EATEN IN YEARS!!! I must come back for beans and flan at least once a month.

Verdict: I totally recommend the beans and flan. The chips and salsa are also pretty good.

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