Failure to Launch

For some reason (probably the reason named Sarah Jessica Parker, ahem) I never really cared to see this movie. But I finally gave in, and I'm glad I did. It's the kind of chic-flick I like because it's not overly-cheesy, it's adequately funny, and the chemistry is passable.

Definitely earns its PG-13 rating, of course, but not generally crude. Be warned though, there is a good amount of screen time devoted to an older man's behind. By good amount, I mean more than none, since who wants to be mooned by an older man?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Talk about a creative idea loaded with potential! I enjoyed the film because it was interesting and thought-provoking. BUT. I am convinced it could have been SO MUCH BETTER.

Reminds me of Wicked (the book). An awesome idea that got...cheapened in the details. And ended up only half-developed. Luckily the potential of that idea was more fully developed in the musical, so I hear.

But anyway, this review isn't about Wicked. So back to The Curious Case. I recommend it, just don't expect it to be life-changing.

Bedtime Stories

This is one of those so-so movies that is, really, for the kids or the family with young kids. Worth seeing once, but probably not more...unless you are babysitting your 7 year-old nephew. Kids are the perfect audience since they miss the adult-themed jokes and make the most of the goofy, slap-sticky humor.

If there had been better romantic chemistry - think Sandler + Barrymore - I probably would have liked it a lot more. I just couldn't buy the Sandler + Russell dynamic.

Mostly Martha

I've never seen No Reservations, but apparently it's based on this little gem. This one's in German (a plus), and the excellent casting and chemistry more than make up for deficiencies in plot. It's sweet and I like it.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

I didn't finish the book.

I mean, I gave it a good 400 pages worth of attention and then...I gave up. Some of the writing was absolutely poetic and beautiful but, in the end, I got tired of the over-the-top descriptiveness and tragic moralizing. Dickens' description of David's romantic interest for Dora reminded me of Hugo's description of Marius's romantic interest in Cosette...and similarly made me want to puke. ;)

From what I read, I'm pretty sure this reviewer was spot-on in his synopsis of the book. I'd love to read an abridged version (which incidentally is the same thing I'd say for my favorite story, Les Miserables).