Ghost Town (2008)

This movie made me LAUGH! Which turns out to be the key.

If I were to examine the plot for depth or character development or transitioning or whatever, I might be forced to admit it's not the most original or polished.

But instead what I remember is that while watching it I laughed, and laughed, and laughed...and had such a good time!...that I left the theater newly enthralled with Ricky Gervais and planning to purchase this movie down the road.

Bella (2006)

So this movie is exceptionally mysterious throughout its first half. If your viewing experience is anything like mine, you will just have question after question about what the heck is going on here!

But ultimately, that worked for me. The slow, confusing and seemingly disconnected beginning kept my interest until it finally wrapped itself up in a thought-provoking, perhaps over-simple but beautiful way.

Of course I also enjoyed the frequent interspersion of Spanish and the beautiful main character...