Before Sunset

WOW. This movie is ME. It was sooooooooo much better than I expected. It was one long, philosophical conversation. Colored by emotion, especially that friend we all know - "What if?". Witty, charming, and MUCH better crafted than any real life conversation (of course). So I loved it. Now I am curious if the predecessor would be worth watching. Or if these films are based on books? Cuz there's some good, meaty thought going on.

There's this part of me that wonders why I post reviews of movies that most (if not all) of those of you who read this blog won't want to see. Maybe in the chance that there's an edited version available someday? But really, I'm not trying to convince anyone to watch what I've watched. It's just...this IS me, these ARE the things I think about...and I like to be able to talk about them? Hmmm. For what it's worth! :)

Everything is Illuminated

I have such mixed feelings about this film. I loved the thoughts and emotions it provoked in me....but I don't know to whom I would recommend it?

There are these conversations between characters which are vulgar, extraneous, mundane...

There is humor, and I wonder how much is truth? How much is caricature? Does it matter?

And then there are moments of poetry, and tragedy, and beautiful heart-ache, and wisdom.

And maybe I'm looking beyond the mark, but the movie seemed real to me in that life is messy - it's not all beauty and truth. It is one moment silly, or stupid, and the next moment eternal, and profound. And God sees it all, understands it all.

Joy Luck Club

How did I miss this one? Especially when I'd read and enjoyed the book as a teen?

Oh yeah, because it was rated R. What do I think of the rating now? Well, on the movie case itself, it attributes the rating to "thematic elements" or something vague like that. And while this movie is heart-breakingly beautiful and not vulgar at all, I do agree that it would be best appreciated by mature audiences. A baby is killed. It is tragic and disturbing (though not gory).

Anyway, I love the film. How could I NOT relate to the story of eight+ women struggling to be good and strong in the face of their individual insecurities? Must read the book again. I think I would appreciate it much more as an adult.