Starter for 10

Wow, where did this one come from?? Randomly stumbled across it in netflix.

A bit predictable, but likeable (not surprisingly, Tom Hanks is among the producers). I liked the end. Plus, it's BRITISH and set in the 80's. With mixtapes, and everything. Plus, James McAvoy. Nice.

Eat Drink Man Woman

In a funny way, this movie felt like home. It's Taiwanese, of course.

My mouth watered and my heart ached. I laughed, and I hmmmm'd, and I was half-distracted wondering throughout why that land/culture is so close to my heart.

I'm not sure whether or not to recommend this movie to anyone else, because I feel like my own opinion and viewing-experience was so clouded by nostalgia! But apparently, it was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1994, if that means anything to you.

Away From Her

I cried three times today. Twice during this movie. It was a story that made me...thoughtful. Hmmmm. Interesting portrayal of a couple dealing with Alzheimers.

And wow, Julie Christie is gorgeous even as an old woman! ;)

Daniel Deronda

You know those BBC period pieces that suck silly romantic girls in? Here's another one.

The truth is, I found the production pleasant and interesting -- but MOSTLY I really enjoyed the scattered hints of literature worth further study. They left me wanting the full story. I loved the comparisons evident between the different characters, their choices and relationships. I loved George Eliot's treatment of social issues including gender roles and race/religion.

I will probably be acquiring this book for my own collection, and reading it, soon. :) Oh, and I recommend the silly romantic girls.

I've Loved You So Long

What do I know of despair?

The past week has been hellish for me, and this was a thought-provoking escape and reminder that somehow...through it all...there can be love, and light.

Movies like this make my heart want to be just a little bigger.


As it says on the cover, this is "a gem of a film!"

Definitely recommend it. I randomly stumbled across it tonight (well, actually, Netflix is already starting to know me in a Big Brother way, and put it in my path). I found myself totally relating to the main character, Rachel (an Orthodox Jew). Oh that party scene.

Loved her friendship with Nasira. Laughed throughout at unexpected insights. Maybe things worked out just a little too well for them both in the end...

but by the end, it seemed just right (even if they both looked like models). And for the moment, I feel just a shade less-cynical. :) Who knows.